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Building a gunite pool wall


The Construction stage will take 7-10 weeks to complete, depending on the size and complexity. It is important to note that Gartenart does not serve as a general contractor, but as a design and consulting partner. We create detailed drawings that qualified contractors (excavators, plumbers, electricians, pool builders) can use to provide you with detailed construction costs and construction services. We are able to consult directly with you, or your builders, throughout the process to assure that all work is being done correctly and to specifications.

    We will provide a detailed work plan which we suggest your local team follows closely. We also want to be kept informed with regular photos of the site to ensure that everything is progressing as planned, and we can regularly visit the site as required.
    For a medium-sized "natural design" project the construction timeline is approximately as follows: 

  • Initial consultation and Design Plans: 4 weeks

  • Weeks 1-2: Excavation

  • Week 3: Edging, drainage and liner

  • Weeks 4-5: Filtration system (pipework, skimmer, pump and shaft, lay filtration aggregates

  • Week 6-7: Other features (e.g. decking, steps, ladder, jumping rock etc)

  • Week 8: Filling, planting and commissioning, making good

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