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Recent Pool & Pond Projects

Exeter, NH

Walpole, NH

Haverhill, MA

Gloucester, MA

Monadnock area, NH

Hanover, NH

Harpswell, ME

Stockbridge, MA

Westhampton, MA

Most of our customers come to us because they want a beautiful landscape feature which they can also swim in. Sometimes this calls for a natural design emulating a natural pond, but the design can also be formal and architectural in design and execution. We build pools of gunite with Pebbletc finishes and ponds with EPDM rubber liners. In all we've built over 200 pools and ponds across Europe and in the US. Our technical speciality is producing clean, clear swimming water using natural purification methods, and this is true for any style of our swimming pools. 

We also specialize in swimming pool conversions where we modify conventional chemical pools into Gartenart natural pools, eliminating the need for expensive harsh chemicals and replacing inefficient pump and filter systems with energy efficient alternatives.

Finally, we work either directly with clients, their landscape architects, or through qualified installation partners throughout the United States.

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